Friday, February 23, 2007

Assignment for Time Inc. Published April 16, 2012
Double page layout - Charles Murray, Author "Coming Apart."
Photo made in authors home - Burkittsville, Maryland


Angaleena Presley, Musician, Assignment: Ten/Ten Productions
Nashville, Tenn. 2008
Photo made Lost Creek, Kentucky

Angaleena Presley, October 2008
at home in Beauty, Kentucky

Angaleena at, Gate Way To Heaven Church.


Megan, Model, NYC, ICP, '08
Photo Workshop

Photo by Karen Davis - Made during Shelby's ICP Workshop,
Central Park, NYC 2008


The New York Times, Week in Review, Cover photo.
"Vanessa," '07, Published April 27,'08

NY Times Cover Pittsburgh

Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine

Amnesty International

Discovery Magazine Gordon Grice

Texas Monthly Jasper, TX

Texas Monthly

Working Woman, Tori Murden

Working Woman magazine.

Olympic's - Content Magazine

GQ Rick Bragg

NY Magazine Florida

NY Magazine Florida

Texas Monthly Folk Artist


ESPN Layout

ESPN - Thunder Bay Hockey Family

Fast Co. - Stephen Ambrose

NY Magazine - Mayor Ironton ,West Virginia

Kid's Wear - Gloucester Location

Kid's Wear

Kid's Wear

Content's magazine Olympic's Cover


Sunday Best

New York Times-Introduction-"Sunday Best" -April 1999

Gladys and Arnold holding magazine- Summer 1999

NY Times, Shade viewing Polaroids

NY Times-Layout page

NY Times-Mother & Baby

NY Times, making Polaroids in church.

NY Times-Rose

NY Times-Shade

“Sunday Best,” The New York Times Magazine, Easter Sunday 1999

This assignment was executed with the enthusiastic participation of its subjects, the Appalachian mountain people of Eastern Kentucky. Technically, this was a location fashion shoot working with designed clothing inspired by the photographer Disfarmer of Herber Springs, Arkansas who worked in the 1940’s – 60’s within his rural environment. The media has historically portrayed the mountain peoples of both areas as needy, poverty stricken and disadvantaged since the depression. As the photographer I saw this assignment as a way to portray my people in a new light. A non political venue that the subjects were interested. The clothing was an ideal representation of what mountain folks wear to church on Sunday’s still today. The people felt enjoyment, recognized and validated by this project as their was no association to poverty. These photographs and copies of the magazine itself today still grace the walls in the homes of many of the participants. One specifically, Shade Fugate now deceased had his photograph from this assignment placed in his coffin with other family photos when buried, an old Appalachian custom. This represents the highest honor for this photographer.

Shelby Lee Adams
October 2009

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